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  • Smartduino Uno based on new PB version of ATmega328
  • ATmega38PB provides extra UART, SPI Interfaces and more features
  • Comes with 3 Feet premium microUSB Cable
  • 100% Tested, Works with same Arduino Code

Smartduino UNO! Smarter than Arduino Uno because it runs on ATMega328PB which is an upgrade of ATMega328P.


₹350 ₹650  

(GST inclusive)

Status: In Stock

Smartduino UNO R3 is an Arduino board incorporating new ATmega328PB chip in Glossy Black PCB.
(Arduino Uno runs on old ATmega328P chip.)

Features compared to Arduino UNO:

  • +1 UART Interface
  • +1 SPI Interface
  • +3 PWM pins - 0, 1, 2
  • +2 Analog Input Pins - A6, A7
  • microUSB Connector

Extra communication interface of ATmegs328PB increases number of SD Card / Zigbee / nRF / External ADC / DAC modules that can be connected to this Arduino Board.

Rest of the features are same as Arduino Uno

100% Compatible board with Arduino IDE, Shields. All Arduino Libraries work on ATmega328PB. For third party Arduino libraries, please check if they support ATmega328PB chip otherwise you may need to change registers in the library to get it working.

BOX Contents -

  • Smartduino Uno with new ATmega328PB (SMD)
  • High quality 3 Feet microUSB data cable
  • Setup Instruction Manual and Pinout Diagram

This product is designed, assembled and tested by noobtronics in India

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